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When a loved one is under the care of an assisted living facility or a nursing home, it is typically because that person’s medical and safety needs can no longer be met at home. We know what a difficult decision this is. You trust, and pay, the facility to provide quality and attentive care for your loved one, to keep them safe and medically stable. Sometimes, however, the quality of care falls short of what is necessary, resulting in harm to the individual under their care.

What constitutes nursing home neglect or abuse?

There are numerous different scenarios that can occur. Neglect can result in a fall, an injury, or the progression of a medical condition going unrecognized due to inadequate attention and proper care. In medically fragile individuals, this can quickly become life-threatening. Abuse occurs when a facility worker negligently or intentionally causes physical, emotional, or financial harm to those vulnerable individuals under their care. While this may involve criminal charges against the worker, the facility may also be held responsible for the harm caused by their employee.

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As distressing as it is to imagine this happening, the unfortunate truth is that it is common. If you or a loved one has experienced neglect or abuse in an assisted living facility or nursing home in Southern Arizona, call Clausen Law Offices now. We will fight for you and your family to ensure that justice is served.

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