dog bitesTucson Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Dogs and other pets are beloved companions and part of the family for many of us. This makes it that much more of a shock when another person’s pet lashes out, be it out of fear or aggression, and causes us physical harm. Unfortunately, a dog bite injury can be severe and require extensive medical care. Dog bite treatment might include emergency room visits, courses of medicine, cosmetic reconstructive procedures, and physical rehabilitation. In some cases, disfigurement and/or loss of normal function can result. Medical costs can be quite high.

How Your Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Many times, the homeowner’s insurance of the animal owner may cover these costs so that you can be compensated for your expenses and the harm done to you. If you have been injured by a dog, Clausen Law will go over the details of your case and recover any money that is available to you to cover your medical bills and harms and losses.